Current Research Projects on Coaching and Supervision

We carry out long-term, systematic research projects on coaching and supervision.

Currently, we are implementing the following studies: 

  • Kassel Coaching Study on coaching success factors
    We strongly welcome coaching practitioners who are interested in participating in this study. Flyer
    For more detailed information, please contact us at:
    Contact: Dr. Silja Kotte (Dipl.-Psych.), Alessa Müller (M.Sc.)

  • Process-outcome-research: Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnostics and mentalization in coaching
    Contact: Dr. Silja Kotte (Dipl.-Psych.), Christian Sell (Dipl.-Psych., M.A.)

  • Why (not)? – Coaching practitioners‘ reasons for (not) participating in coaching research
    Contact: Dr. Silja Kotte (Dipl.-Psych.), Denise Hinn (M.Sc.)

  • How do coaches reflect their work? – Strategies for quality assurance in coaching
    Contact: Isabell Diermann, (M.Sc.)

  • Reflective functioning, mentalization and coaching – video analyses of coaching processes
    Contact: Denise Hinn (M.Sc.) 

  • Assessment and exploration in coaching
    Contact: Dr. Silja Kotte (Dipl.-Psych.)

  • Psychoanalytic case supervision in youth welfare
    in collaboration with the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU), the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, the Martinswerk Dolar e.V. and the Munich youth welfare association; contact: Jörg Bergmann (Dipl.-Psych.)