Social Educational Theory and the Sociology of Age & Life Stages

Disability and Inclusion


Educational Research, Social Work and
extracurricular activities

Prof. Dr. Werner Thole

Life Stages and Ageing

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Aner

Socialisation with an emphasis on Migration and
Intercultural Education

Prof. Dr. Manuela Westphal

Theory and Methods of Social Pedagogy

Prof. Dr. Sigrid James

Social Pedagogy of Children and Youth

Prof. Dr. Mark Schrödter

Theory, Empirical Studies, and Methods
 for Social Therapy

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lindner

Guest Professor

Dr. Nina Vanessa Thieme

Guest Professor

Dr. Skevos Papaioannou

Social Policy, Law and Sociology

Health Studies

Prof. Dr. Alfons Hollederer

Children and Youth Law

Prof. Dr. Theresia Höynck

Social Law

Prof. Dr. Minou Banafsche

Social Policy, Organization and Society

Prof. Dr. Ingo Bode

Social Law related to Rehabilitation
and Disability Law

Prof. Dr. Felix Welti

Sociological Methodology of Qualitative Reconstructive Research

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tikvah Kissmann

Sociology and Economy of the Welfare State

Prof. Dr. Patricia Frericks

Sociology of Social Differentiation
and Socio-culture

Prof. Dr. Mechthild Bereswill