Welcome to the subject "Theory and Empirics of Health”

The professorship "Theory and Empirics of Health” focuses on analyses at the health care system level (macro level), of institutions and actors in the health care system (meso level) and of the health of those affected human beings (micro level).
The research interest is primarily directed towards questions of 
needs-based appropriateness, quality and performance development, accessibility and health inequalities. Social determinants affect the distribution of health and diseases in the population. One research interest is in the health conditions, behaviour and utilization of health services of vulnerable target groups. These include people in special phases of life or social situations (such as unemployment, refugee status, homelessness).
In the context of public health theories, the focus is on the sectors of prevention and health promotion, outpatient and inpatient health care and the public health services. Of particular interest are profession-related and methodological issues of social work in the health care system (such as in hospital social 
services or health authorities). The department is concerned with interventions for social situation-based health promotion, community health approaches and the WHO's "Health in all Policies" approach.