Social Pedagogy of Children and Youth

In teaching and research, the department explores issues pertaining to children and youths who grow up under difficult conditions. The focus is on the relevance of the social educational conditions under which children and youth cope with the socially produced adversities of life, develop a reasonable vision of their life, and gain personal and social autonomy. In particular, the focus is on processes of social exclusion, social harm and disrespect of the kind produced and reproduced by social structural mechanisms of class, ethnicity, and gender. The main research focuses are: (FG 1) to contribute to the development of a theory of social pedagogyand social work, in particular from capitalism-, racism-, and gender-critical perspectives of justice; (FG 2) to scrutinize processes of autonomisation in children and youths who grow up under difficult conditions; (FG 3) to contribute to the definition and operationalisation of measures for child at risk as well as the reconstruction of related native concepts of child at risk in child welfare.