Fiona Dancy

R. 4040
+49 561 804-3378

  • I am responsible for organising the Modul 9 exam.
  • I am responsible for organising the course registration process.
  • I handle questions about language entry requirements and eligibility for Sprachpraxis courses.


Matt Emery

R. 4044
+49 561 804-3377

  • I am responsible for language competence tests for IfAA students going abroad. (e.g. DAAD tests)
  • I am responsible for organising the placement test for ERASMUS students who want to take English courses in our department.
  • I am an editor for BLANK - Uni Kassel Student Paper

Christopher Forlini

R. 4041 (WS17-18)
+49 561 804-7650

  • I am responsible for the remedial and pre-sessional intensive courses
  • I am the person to talk to for questions about the IELTS exam
  • I am the organizer of the English Film Club

Matthew Stevens

R. 4041
+49 561 804-3352

  • I am responsible for organizing the Modul 1 exam.
  • I am the person to see about course credit from study abroad programmes (e.g. ERASMUS).

Charlotte Stevens-Fields

R. 4045
+49 561 804-3374

  • I am responsible for assigning oral examiners to (Vor-) Diplom, Magister and L3 Zwischenprüfung (non-modularised) candidates. Please email me or see me in my office hours if you need a Sprachpraxis examiner for one of these exams.
  • I am responsible for organising the oral exam for Modul 4 / 5