Registration for Sprachpraxis courses (English)

This will take place from 12th - 25th March and from 2nd  - 15th April.


Detailed instructions can be found in the links below. Please read the instructions carefully. They include details of what to do when one of the two most common problems occurs and links to further information.

You may not start English 2 until you have passed English 1 (TWO Sprachpraxis courses "English 1" plus 120-minute exam). 

If you have already completed all the courses belonging to a Sprachpraxis module, you may only take extra courses if there are still free places in the second registration period. Please respect this rule - students who need credit for a course have to have priority over students taking extra courses.

Erasmus students should NOT register for Sprachpraxis courses online - please wait until you have the results of your placement test and we will place you in a course(s). The placement test is organised by Matt Emery and will take place in SoSe 2018 on 4th April at 14:30.

Please make sure you check the online list of courses (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) on the university website before registration as there are often changes to courses.

Please make sure you also read the course descriptions (Beschreibung) on the online course list (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) so you know what to expect in each course.


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