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Writing is, because of its durability and strongly rules-oriented system, far more institutionalised than oral language. It is therefore necessary to develop theories about and models of the different forms of written language contact. However, the basis for theories in the field of language contact research and multiliteracies has been almost entirely oral language data. The study of language contact phenomena based on written language data has been done only on a small scale, particularly either in the field of historical linguistics or in the field of New Literacy Studies. In this sense the major goal of LitCo is to bring about a change of perspective in current fields of studies and to systematically relate multilingualism with literacies.

LitCo began its work in October 2014.

The Network

The work in the network is primarily focussed on connecting different writing-structural and sociolinguistic aspects of multiliteracies in the sense of writing in different languages as social and cultural praxis. >> more


LitCo is a network of 16 linguists coming from seven different countries; all fellows work on literacy-related issues in a multilingual context and use a broad variety of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches. LitCo is coordinated by Manuela Böhm (Kassel) and Constanze Weth (Luxemburg). >> more


Five workshops and a closing conference will take place bi-annually. To each workshop one or two internationally renowned guest researchers will be invited as keynote speakers. >> more


Here you can find information about LitCo activities like recently published books and articles, meetings and other events. >> more