The Network

LitCo Kick-OFF-Workshop, 13.-15/11/2014, Berlin

The work in the network is primarily focussed on connecting different writing-structural and sociolinguistic aspects of multiliteracies in the sense of writing in different languages as social and cultural praxis. 

Regarding the current state of research, a number of works have examined certain aspects of multilingual literacies. However, there are no studies that include sociolinguistic, writing-structural and language contact aspects but most of all, theoretical foundations are lacking. Likewise, it is obvious that the current state of research in the field of multiliteracies is marked by disparity, relative small-scale fragmentation of each study, limitations resulting from each partial discipline and theoretical-methodical vagueness. In order to refer to those studies as a proper linguistic partial discipline or an established field of research, theoretical foundations, systematisation and the unification of disparate parts and research approaches is essential. In the long term, the network LitCo aims to develop systematic approaches that allow the examination and understanding of contact phenomena caused by multilingualism on the level of literacy, written language acquisition and culture of writing. 

The aim of researching writing as a form of social activity shall be reached in three steps:


  1. Workshops without an audience will take place bi-annually. One or two experts will be invited to these. The workshops shall have a fixed topic.
  2. At the end of the funding period, a closing conference shall take place. At this conference all results shall be presented to a broad, multidiscipline audience.
  3. The results of the workshops and the closing conference shall be combined in a publication so that the final works and results shall be identifiable as those of the network. In this collective monograph all four topics represented by the four workshops shall be banded together making it possible to work on the final product from the first workshop on.