Welcome to the Institute of Sports and Sport Science at the University of Kassel

The Institute of Sports and Sport Science (IfSS) is a scientific division in the Faculty 05 – Social Sciences at the University of Kassel. The Institute was founded in 2001 and evolved from the “Academic Section Sport Science” at the formerly Compound College Kassel.

The tasks of the IfSS regard academic teaching and research, the support of young researchers, the transfer of scientific knowledge academic as well as vocational training for sport science teachers. Aside from the scientific departments, the organisation of the intramural sports is a main mission of the institute and its members.

The institute is divided into five departments:


Education and Teaching“ (Sports Pedagogy, Sport Didactics, Practical Studies in School Settings)


Sport Psychology & Society“ (Sport Psychology, Sport Sociology)


Training & Movement“ (Exercise Science, Movement Science, Sport Medicine)


Theory & Practical Issues in Sports“ (Teaching Modules for Practical Issues in Sports)


Intramural Sports

The IfSS is situated at two different locations within the University of Kassel: The location „Damaschkestraße“ hosts the big gym „Aueparkhalle“ with offices (including intramural sports) and seminar rooms. The location „Heinrich-Plett-Straße“ hosts lecture halls, seminar rooms and offices (including the institute secretariat).

The staff of the institute consists of three full professors, 12 academic employees (partially tenured), three administrative employees, and two caretakers. In addition, approximately twenty assistant lectures are involved into the teaching program at the institute. As regards to sport medicine and sport biology classes, assistant lectures from the Red Cross Hospital are incorporated into the teaching staff based on a cooperation agreement.

The study program of the IfSS consists of three majors for school teaching (at elementary school, main school, junior high and secondary school, high school) as well as a diploma program for adult teaching in business schools. Since the fall 2005 all study programs are organized in teaching modules as regards to the Bologna treaty. Students are obliged to pass an entry test to ensure their basic motor skills and abilities necessary to participate in the different classes. In addition, the institute also offers a separate study program for a philosophical doctorate (Ph.D.). At present, approximately 700 students are enrolled at the institute to study sport science. There are more than 80 classes offered each semester.

Every year, the institute assigns „Dietrich-Martin-Price“ for the best exam among the graduates. During this ceremony, which was first established in the year 2000, the most successful intramural sports competitors are also honored.