Welcome to the University of Kassel!

What to expect

The Institute for Sports and Sport Science at the University of Kassel offers a limited number of directed studies (e.g. in Biomechanics, Exercise Science, Perception in Sports, Sport Psychology, Sport Sociology, Sport Pedagogy) as guided reading courses. These courses refer to English textbooks which will be studied in depth in the course of one semester. Students will meet with professors once or twice a week to report on and discuss the respective chapters of the textbook in English. In this respect, international students will be provided with strong personal guidance and support by their German professors.

In addition, a variety of in-depth practical courses (traditional ball games, track and field, swimming, gymnastics and dance) with exams (in English language) at the end will be offered. Through regular class attendance and participation, exchange students will learn some basic German, communicate with German fellow students during classes, and acquire knowledge and teaching skills to successfully pass the final examinations. Reports from our past exchange students provide evidence that this concept is very beneficial for international students with no German language skills.

In addition, fellow students from Germany will accompany international students during their first two weeks to become adjusted to Kassel university life. Masters students will have the opportunity to engage in special advanced lab courses on Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Motor Control, and Exercise Science.


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