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Dr. Joscha Wullweber is an ‘Akademischer Rat’ (assistant professor) at the University of Kassel, in the Political Science Department, Subdivision 'Globalisation & Politics'. He holds a Ph.D. in political science, an M.A. in global political economy and an M.Sc. in biology. He has received scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the University of Kassel. His M.A. thesis on the commodification of genetic resources was awarded first prize in the global challenges competition of the German Körber Foundation. He is representative of International Political Economy, a permanent working group of the German Political Science Association (DVPW), and founding member of the German Working Group on Theories of Hegemony and Discourse. 

Research areas:

- Governance of global finance and global financial crises
- methods and theories of International Political Economy/ International Relations
- technology governance and governance of technological change, public acceptance and citizen participation
- political discourse analysis
- critical security studies
- intellectual property rights

Courses and lectures:

- Global Governance of Finance
- Multiple Krise: Welchen Einfluss haben die Finanz- und Eurokrise auf Politik, Ökonomie und Gesellschaft?
- Advanced Research Methods (lecture + seminar)
- Theories of International Political Economy/ International Relations (lecture + seminar)
- Klassiker der Internationalen Beziehungen und neue Debatten angesichts globaler Krisen
- Financial crisis - IPE in crisis? New directions in IPE
- Nord-Süd-Beziehungen: Theorie und Methoden in der Politikwissenschaft
- Governance of the World Market
- Global Finance and Retroductive Analysis
- Logics of International Security
- Discourse Theory and International Relations
- Governance of the Eurozone crisis
- PhD Workshops