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Dr. Floris Biskamp is lecturer in the Department of Political Science. He studied political science and physics at the University of Giessen and at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and pursued his doctoral studies in sociology at the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture in Giessen and at Yale University. In 2014 he finished his PhD thesis on critical theory, postcolonial theory, and anti-Muslim racism in Germany.

Floris Biskamp’s scholarly work focuses on the fields of political theory, social theory, and international relations. More specifically he has written on critical theory, postcolonial theory, racism, anti-Semitism, religion and politics, Islam in Germany, political Islam, and US foreign policy. 

He has earned scholarships from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and the State of Hesse. His Master’s thesis on the ‘American Empire’ debate was honoured as the best thesis of the year at the University of Giessen in 2008.