Coming to Kassel

Welcome at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Fachbereich 05) of the University Kassel!

The FB05-specific internationalization includes the following:

- the maintenance and coordination of cooperation between lecturers from the FB05 (Cooperation officers) and (certain faculties) from partner universities outside Germany

- encourage the increase of the international mobility rate of students, staff, doctoral candidates and teachers by making academic and administrative exchanges more accessible

- the coordination of the counselling of international (incoming) and local (outgoing) students between the International Office, the Cooperation Officers, the International Language Center and the Welcome Center of the University Kassel

- a subject-related research and advice on international stays for local and international students (personally and by e-mail)

Responsibilities: Prof. Aram Ziai is the Internalisation Officer of the Faculty 05.

Assistants: Sophie Yume supports international FB05 students who come to Kassel or already live and study in Kassel. If you have any ideas and suggestions regarding anti-racist and transcultural design of internationalisation of universities do not hesitate to contact her.




We welcome the current visiting professors of the Ela-Bhatt-Professur at the ICDD:

  • Prof. Dr. Anjum Munir

  • Prof. Leonor Faur

  • Prof. Carlos Salas