Admission of Student Works

- We receive two copies of your work, a copy in printed form and a copy in digital form on CD. But first, please get your work to the study secretariat and afterward to us for subject and geographic heading.

- We collect all studies, which have been marked a 1.7 or better. The study secretariat will inform us about the mark of your work. If your work has been marked a 1.7 or better, we will index your work here at our stock. If you have not received such a grade, you may pick up your work during our opening hours.

Thus your work should look like if you bring it in:

Because of stability reasons, we accept only fixed or engaged works. They should be provided with a thick cardboard (lid or back). Works, which consist of single plans, should be folded and be packed in closable stable orders (A4). You have the possibility to bind and to fix your work here during our opening hours.

The book cover should contain the following:

- Title

- Author

The first inside sheet of paper should contain the following:

- Title

- Author

- Kind of the work (for example Diploma thesis, final thesis or student research papers)

- University lecture

- Editing period

When deposing a CD, please note the following rules:

For the safety of the CD, a small pocket should be stuck in the book lid. As a file format we prefer PDF, TIFF, GIF and JPEG or HTML, (Work-files are not accepted).