Our  research is characterized by the use and development of quantitative methods and empirical evaluation. Current activities relate to the following domains:

Cultural Framing of Marketing-Interactions

  • Approaching and activating customers.
  • Defining segments.
  • Designing marketing measures and campaigns.
  • Evaluating the relevance of anthropological and psychological constructs explaining consumer behavior.

Innovations in Direct Marketing

  • Impact of modern communication, e.g., blogs, on buying decisions.
  • Integrating new media into business models.
  • Changing the focus of direct marketing from discount to luxury products.
  • Ethnic direct marketing.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Stochastic and econometric modeling of competitive interactions.
  • Forecasting competitive(re)actions.
  • Environmental Scanningin in the WWW.
  • Information Foraging and Weak Signal detection.
  • Designing early warning systems.

Quantitative Marketing Research Methods

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in targeting.
  • Incomplete data, missing values, e.g., multiple imputation and hot deck.
  • Number of clusterse.g., groups in market segmentation
  • Scale equivalence for formative latent constructs
  • Pattern recognition and visualization.

Negotiation Management

  • Impact of emotions and intuition on negotiations.
  • Cultural differences relevant to negotiations.
  • Turns, moves and moods. 
  • Formal modeling of success in negotiations.
  • Perceived and actual negotiation power.