SAP University Alliance

The University of Kassel recently joined the SAP University Alliance.  

Within this program,SAP takes care of the operation and maintenance of current SAP products used by the alliance members. Thus the students have the opportunity to gather SAP skills on course of their studies.

In order to ensure the training quality, SAP offers special courses for instructors, where they are equipped with the necessary skills.

SAP-products are used in the following courses of the department of Information Systems:

  • Business information systems
  • ERP: Fundamentals of business management systems
  • ERP: Process optimization and workflow management in heterogeneous business systems

The department also offers an official SAP certification TERP10 SAP ERP - Integration of Business Processes as a 10-day block course that has a market value of approx 5000-10000€.The course is offered free of cost and the students have to only pay for the training materials.