Dennis Benner

Dennis Benner M.Sc.

Address Pfannkuchstraße 1
34121 Kassel
Room 1140
Telephone +49 561 804-6092
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Mi, 13:00-14:00 Anmeldung per E-Mail erforderlich. Weitere Termine nach Vereinbarung.

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Curriculum Vitae


04/2018—12/2019: M.Sc. Business Information Systems, University of Göttingen

10/2015—04/2018: B.Sc. Business Information Systems, University of Göttingen

10/2011—10/2015: B.Sc. Biology, field of Bioinformatics, University of Göttingen

Previous Work

01/2020—today: Part-time Freelancer for Web Services and Consulting

06/2018—11/2019: IT-Management, Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen (GSGG)

08/2015—11/2019: IT-Management, Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research, University of Göttingen

04/2016—03/2018: Public Relations, Content Management & Event-Supervision, Chair of Information Management, University of Göttingen

Research Interests

  • Digitalization, especially implications for society and economy
  • Persuasive System Design (Gamification + Nudging)

ITeG Doctoral Program

  • Collegiate in the Doctoral Program "Socio-technical design competence in digital society" of the Research Center for Information Systems Design (ITeG) at University of Kassel (since 7/2020)