Tim Weinert

Tim Weinert M.Sc.

Address Pfannkuchstraße 1
34121 Kassel
Room 1170, 1. OG, ITeG
Telephone +49 561 804-6011
Office Hours:

Mi, 13:00-14:00 Anmeldung per E-Mail erforderlich. Weitere Termine nach Vereinbarung.

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Curriculum Vitae


Study of industrial engineering (Master of Science) with focus at Business Modell innovation and Energy Technology at the University of Kassel.

Topic of the Master Thesis: "Importance of incentive-enhancing measures for motivation in virtual environments using the example of a platform for Business Angels and Startups"

Study of industrial engineering (Bachelor of Science) with focus at Information Systems and Renewable Energies

Topic of the Bachelor Thesis: "Sea water desalination with renewable energies - A prospect in the technical and economic feasibility"

Previous Work

2017: Digital Marketing Ops Viessmann, Allendorf

2016-2017: Digital Task Force Viessmann, Allendorf

2014-2016: Acqusition and techical planning of wind turbines wpd, Kassel

Research Interests

  • Development of context-sensitive learning services.
  • Usability



  • Schneider, T. & Janson, A. (2019): Gamified Feedback durch Avatare im Mobile Learning. In: 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI). Siegen, Germany.


  • Schneider, T.; Janson, A. & Schöbel, S. (2018): Understanding the Effects of Gamified Feedback in Mobile Learning – An Experimental Investigation. In: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Thiel de Gafenco, M.; Janson, A. & Schneider, T. (2018): KoLeArn – Smarte und kontextsensitive Aus- und Weiterbildung für die chinesische Industrie. In: Krömker, D. & Schroeder, U. (Eds.), Die 16. E-Learning Fachtagung Informatik (DeLFI), Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) (pp. 281-282). Frankfurt am Main, Germany.