Supply Chain Management: Research

Research in the Chair of Supply Chain Management focuses in particular on two topics:

  1. Sustainability and Supply Chain Management and their integration towards Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  2. Supply Chain Controlling with a focus on the use of management accounting tools in supply chains.

Current Research Project

International Center for Development and Decent Work

The Group of Supply Chain Management is involved into a major research initiative on Development and Decent Work.

This project brings together researchers from political sciences, agricultural sciences and management from the University of Kassel and six international universities.

The € 5 Mio. initiative funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will run for 5 years.

For more information, please visit the website of the ICDD at the University of Kassel


A first PhD student started in March 2010 on the topic:
"Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains"

Initial press releases:
Pressemitteilung der Uni Kassel 72/09 – 09. Juni 2009
Pressemitteilung DAAD

General information on Research at the Chair of Supply Chain Management


The Chair of Supply Chain Management aims to conduct outstanding international research linking a strong theoretical base with applied research relevant to companies and other institutions. The department follows an approach towards applied research that is strongly based in theory.

Previous project have been conducted with companies such as

  • Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Otto, Hamburg, Germany
  • Klaus Steilmann GmbH & Co. KG, Wattenscheid, Germany
  • but also with a range of small and medium sized companies.

Research methodologies are e.g.

  • action research,
  • case study research,
  • delphi studies,
  • surveys
  • content analysis.

The Department of Supply Chain Management offers the opportunity for external PhD students to study for a doctoral degree. This requires that PhD students are actively involved into the different activities of the Department of Supply Chain Management. Before contacting Prof. Seuring please check whether your research interest fits into the research within the department, e.g. by reading some of our publications.

Further carefully prepare a first idea for a research proposal!

Only then you might contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Seuring.