Public administration is essential in supporting politics when it comes to formulate and execute political decisions. Especially within the political discourse it serves as an important instrument of power for politics, for example through a targeted human resource policy. Because of this, administrative science questions the extent and forms of neutrality and party politicisation within public administrations and the importance of structural features of state organisations.

Furthermore, the trade-off between political control and independent scopes for action of the public administration and the institutionalisation of administrative decisions are important areas of administrative research. By using the insights gained by research, practical applications can be derived. Getting in touch with other public institutions and companies interested in the fields of our research and teaching is crucial to our work.

Through the neutral point of view of science, the Chair for Public Management constitutes a fitting partner for a various amount of transfer projects. We are constantly looking for cooperation partners with relation to our focal points of work.

In addition, on request the Chair for Public Management regularly offers further training and presentations for practitioners, with a focus on decisions, organisational action and de-bureaucratisation. In larger contexts, we also conduct scientific consultancy projects as well as practical cooperations In the past, we participated in studies and expert opinions on innovations in the area of policy making.

We are delighted by an increased attention in us, which is expressed in reporting on the topics of our research and teaching. A short overview is available and provided for you on our page Press and Media.