The Chair for Public Management is oriented towards a modern team and working structure. We try to avoid the use of paper in most situations, because a paperless office has many advantages in comparison to a classic paper-based environment. Most of the printed paper is just stored somewhere and seldom used. If used, it is hard to find the necessary information in an appropriate amount of time. With the digitalization of nearly all of our literature, working papers, protocols and communication, we save a lot of resources like time, nerves and money. We are convinced that we generate a better working environment whilst we are eager to save natural resources that way.

With the abandonment of paper, we lay the foundation for efficient research and create the opportunity for our team members to arrange the time-consuming science with a family-friendly environment. Due to the fact that all of our research material is stored on a shared network space, our team can work wherever and whenever they have time or their eureka-moments. This free working atmosphere is bolstered by relatively flat hierarchies and a highly supportive team spirit, as well as by offices that are furnished with a focus on collaborative and creative research.

As research-oriented organization, our work is based on theoretical ground. We work with advanced empirical techniques to enhance scientific knowledge about policy advisory systems and knowledge management in the executive branch, de-bureaucratization and better regulation in international comparison, public sector reforms and organizational change. We also focus on the education and training, career patterns and role perceptions of top civil servants. The results of our research are presented and published at international conferences and in journals with a high rank in reputation. If you are interested in our research activities, you can access information on the menu-item Research.

Our second main task is the teaching of public servants at the UNIKIMS to strengthen their ability in leadership-roles. As teachers, we try to have a research-based understanding of knowledge and a practical orientation in our examples and methods.  You will find more information about our teaching here.

If our Transfer activities are of valued interest for you, please have a look at the collections of Policy AdvicePractical Cooperations, Press and Media and Further Training and Presentations for Practitioners. Due to our scientific point of view, the Chair for Public Management is an appropriate partner for diverse transfer projects. We are always interested in new cooperations that have a connection to our research and teaching activities.