Public Economics: Dissertations

Current dissertation projects

  • The linkage between fiscal decentralization, good governance, local economic development and welfare in Indoniesia
  • Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? Empirical Analyses on Local Government Cooperation 
  • Determinants and Effects of Local Public Education Expenditures – 
    an Empirical Approach

Completed dissertation projects

  • Citizens’ preferences for intrafamilial wealth distribution and inheritance taxation (Dr. Nataliya Kusa)
  • Emergence of inter-municipal cooperation and its support among citizens and local politicians (Dr. Christian Bergholz)
  • Affect and communication in assorted games - an empirical and experimental analysis (Dr. Özcan Ihtiyar) 
  • Essays on the governance of vertical and horizontal fiscal relations (Dr. Frederic Blaeschke)
  • Funding and effects of public expenditures on household related infrastructure – An empirical approach (Dr. Thomas Krauskopf)