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***Due to the Corona Crisis, the chair is currently mainly in the home office***

Short description of the chair

The Chair of Empirical Economic Research offers lectures and courses on statistical as well as micro- and panel-econometric methods. All econometric lectures and courses comprise computer exercises with Stata, where the considered methods and approaches are applied on the basis of real datasets. For more information about the offered lectures and courses please click here.

In addition, the chair conducts empirical and especially econometric studies in the field of environmental, energy, climate, and sustainable economics. These studies are mainly based on data from representative national or international household surveys, but also on firm-level data. For more information about current and already completed research projects please click here.

New article in Stuttgarter Zeitung: "Geld anlegen mit gutem Gewissen"

On October 27, 2020, the Stuttgarter Zeitung has published an article on sustainable investment products including some statements of Andreas Ziegler. For the full article please click here.

Comment on climate protection during the Corona Crisis in the IHK-Magazin Hessische Wirtschaft

In the issue of August and September 2020 of the IHK-Magazin Hessische Wirtschaft, a statement of Andreas Ziegler on climate protection and climate policy during the Corona Crisis was published. For the full comment please click here.

Second international "Workshop on Empirical Sustainable Finance (WESFi)" at the University of Kassel

On October 13, 2020, the Chairs of Empirical Economic Research and Sustainable Finance hosted the second "Workshop on Empirical Sustainable Finance (WESFi)". The workshop was part of the BMBF funded project "Instruments for financing low-emission infrastructure and their significance for climate policy (IF)". The participants presented and discussed recent empirical studies and ideas on "Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)" and "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)". Due to the Corona Crisis, the workshop was organized in hybrid form. As in the previous year, this enabled renowned researchers from various countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Japan) to participate.

Conferences 2020

In 2020 the chair has been extremely successful in submitting research papers for presentation at internationally peer-reviewed conferences. All chair members had the opportunity to discuss their research with international colleagues. On the basis of competitive review processes, the chair was, for example, represented at the following conferences:

Andreas Ziegler, Gunnar Gutsche, Anja Köbrich León, and Elke Groh had the opportunity to present their current work at the 25th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) in Berlin (online) from June 24 to June 27, 2020. 

Gunnar Gutsche had the opportunity to present his current work at the Annual Conference of the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment conference in New York (online) from September 08 to September 11, 2020.

Anja Köbrich León had the opportunity to present her current work at the Annual Conference of the Economic Science Associatiion (ESA) (online) from September 10 to September 12, 2020.

Andreas Ziegler, Gunnar Gutsche, Anja Köbrich León, and Elke Groh had the opportunity to present their current work at the Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik in Cologne (online) from September 27 to September 30, 2020.

Japanese-German Research Cooperation

In August 2019, Prof. Toshihide Arimura, Ass. Prof. Miwa Nakai, Tatsuya Abe, and Riga Wu from the Waseda Institute of Political Economy in Tokyo, visited the Chair of Empirical Economic Research and the Chair of Energy Economics.

In October 2019, the two Chairs, represented by Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziegler, Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel, Dr. Gunnar Gutsche, Elke Groh, and Victor von Loessl, visited their research partners in Japan. They had a produktive exchange of latest research findings and developed joint project ideas during the "Energy and Climate Policy Workshop" at Kyoto Sangyo University, a workshop with Prof. Takanori Ida at Kyoto University, and project meetings for the BMBF-funded projects NostaClimate and BeSmart at Waseda University in Tokyo.

The Japanese-German research Ccoperation is funded by the DAAD as part of the project-related exchange program of scientific staff.

Visit of the Hessian Minister of European and Federal Affairs and Representative of the State of Hessen at the Federal Government

On July 11, 2019, Andreas Ziegler and his colleagues Prof. Dr. Wachendorf, Prof. Dr. Ernst, and Prof. Dr. Sommer from the Competence Center for Climate Change and Climate Adaptation (CliMA) as well as the vice president Prof. Dr. Ehresmann participated in an exchange of information on the topic of climate policy with Minister Lucia Puttrich. The visit of the Hessian Minister of European and Federal Affairs at the University of Kassel had the aim to shed light on the climate policy debate from different perspectives and to consider relevant aspects which can be brought into the discussion via the network of the ministry among the EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Projects on climate economics

Source: Kiel Earth Institute

Within the second phase of the BMBF funding program "Economics of Climate Change", a total of 29 projects are sponsored, seven of them with the participation of the University of Kassel. In this respect, the chair was very successful in acquiring projects. It participates in overall four new projects with a duration of three years, respectively, and a total budget of more than 1.3 Million euros for the chair. For more information about the four cooperative projects NostaClimate, IF, BeSmart, and DeGeb please click here. Within this funding program, the kick-off conference for the "Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change" took place in Berlin from June 12 to June 14, 2019. Andreas Ziegler, Gunnar Gutsche, Elke Groh, and Amantia Simixhiu participated as representatives of these four projects. The aim of the "Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change" is to communicate the results of the individual projects beyond the research community and thus to intensify the exchange between research and practice. For more information please click here.

Recent publications

Engler, Daniel, Elke D. Groh, Gunnar Gutsche, and Andreas Ziegler (2021), Acceptance of climate-oriented policy measures under the COVID-19 crisis: an empirical analysis for Germany, Climate Policy, forthcoming

Kesternich, Martin, Andreas Löschel, and Andreas Ziegler (2021), Negotiating weights for burden sharing rules in international climate negotiations: An empirical analysis, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, forthcoming

El Ouadghiri, Imane, Khaled Guesmi, Jonathan Peillex, and Andreas Ziegler (2021), Public attention to environmental issues and stock market returns, Ecological Economics 180

Gutsche, Gunnar and Bernhard Zwergel (2020), Information barriers and labeling schemes for socially responsible investments, Schmalenbach Business Review 72, 111-157

Groh, Elke D. and Charlotte von Möllendorff (2020), What shapes the support of renewable energy expansion? Public attitudes between policy goals and risk, time, and social preferences, Energy Policy 137

Ziegler, Andreas (2020), Heterogeneous preferences and the individual change to alternative electricity tariffs, Energy Economics 91 

Schwirplies, Claudia, Elisabeth Dütschke, Joachim Schleich, and Andreas Ziegler (2019), The willingness to offset CO2 emissions from traveling: Findings from discrete choice experiments with different framings, Ecological Economics 165 

Schmidt, Peter S., Urs von Arx, Andreas Schrimpf, Alexander F. Wagner, and Andreas Ziegler (2019), Common risk factors in international stock markets, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management 33 (3), 213-241 (winner of the FMPM Best Paper Award of the year 2019)

Gutsche, Gunnar (2019), Individual and regional christian religion and the consideration of sustainable criteria in consumption and investment decisions: An exploratory econometric analysis, Journal of Business Ethics 157 (4), 1155-1182

Gutsche, Gunnar and Andreas Ziegler (2019), Which private investors are willing to pay for sustainable investments? Empirical evidence from stated choice experiments, Journal of Banking and Finance 102, 193-214

Gutsche, Gunnar, Anja Köbrich León, and Andreas Ziegler (2019), On the relevance of contextual factors for socially responsible investments: An econometric analysis, Oxford Economic Papers 71 (3), 756-776

Ziegler, Andreas (2019), The relevance of attitudinal factors for the acceptance of energy policy measures: A micro-econometric analysis, Ecological Economics 157, 129-140

IVWL Research Seminar Economic Behavior and Governance