Compensation payments by small and medium-sized German companies for CO2 emissions (KompUnter)

Duration: April 2020 until March 2021

Project coordination: University of Kassel, Chair of Empirical Economic Research

Funding institution: German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Summary: The goals of the Paris Climate Agreement are to be achieved in international cooperation through national climate contributions. At European, but also national level, the important role of companies from the energy sector, industry, and the aviation sector has already been addressed by various regulatory measures. However, small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany outside these three sectors are mostly not affected by these measures. Nevertheless, companies can contribute to a globally sustainable development and at the same time to the achievement of national and international climate targets by implementing voluntary measures to reduce or compensate their CO2 emissions.

The aim of the project is to empirically investigate the knowledge and experience of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany about and with CO2 compensation. In particular, factors such as general knowledge, experience, and motivations will also be examined. While CO2 offsetting at the individual level has been empirically investigated more often, small and medium-sized companies have rarely been considered in this context. Furthermore, previous empirical studies with companies have been limited mainly to restrictive case studies, which often do not allow for a generalisation of the results, whereas quantitative broad-based evaluations are extremely rare. A survey of small and medium-sized enterprises is to contribute to this hitherto little researched complex of topics.

Contact: Amantia Simixhiu (amantia.simixhiu@uni-kassel.de)