Step 1: Gather information:

  • Select an appropriate exchange programme
  • Obtain information about partner universities by your own research
  • Check the information available at the International Office
  • Attend our information meeting

Information meeting

Watch the recording of the previous information meeting in the Moodle course "Auslandsstudium FB 07".

Step 2: See us for advice during our office hours

Step 3: Send your application until latest 31.12.2020 by e-mail to

Admission criteria

Successful course of studies:
Students at Bachelor's level should have obtained
- at least 45 ECTS by the time of application
- at least 6 ECTS in introductory courses of business studies (BWL)
- at least 6 ECTS in introductory courses of economics (VWL)
- at least 6 ECTS in methods (Maths or Statistics)
    ⇔ alternatively for students of Business Law: Accounting

Students majoring in Industrial Engineering should have obtained at least 45 ECTS in basic modules, 12 ECTS of which should be achieved in business studies (BWL) or economics (VWL), as well as 12 ECTS in economic methods (Maths or Statistics).

Application documents

Please send the application documents by E-MAIL!

  • Online Application (print-out)
    ⇒ Please choose 3 universities
  • Letter of Motivation
  • List of Achievements (print-out of ECampus/HIS)
  • CV
  • Language Certificate (if requested by the partner university)


Vacancies for spring 2021: immediately

Winter term 2021/2022 and spring 2022: 31.12.2020


It is our aim to allocate the first or second preference to as many as possible. Do you apply for a highly requested university? Note, that we will look for criteria matching the applicant and the prefered university, as well as grades and pace of study.