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3 EMBS students won the Unilever Future Leaders’ League in Italy: the global business competition of Unilever

Ludovica Capasa, Beatrice Lo Dico and Riccardo Pansarella are three Italian students attending the last year of Master degree in management at European Master in Business Studies. The EMBS is a joint degree run by 4 European universities: University of Trento (Italy); IAE Savoie Mont Blanc (France); University of Kassel (Germany) and University of León (Spain).

They are passionate about marketing, as well as disruptive innovation, particularly interested in developing innovative strategies to make companies successful.

Selected among more than 500 applicants, they participated as a team - The CEOs (Customer Engagement Officers) - at the business competition of the multinational Unilever, winning the Italian edition, and now they are getting ready for the Global Finals.

 UFLL is a dynamic marketing competition that brings together students from all over the world who want to experience what tomorrow's leadership is all about.

The competition and the 2-week bootcamp means enrolling in a creative brand challenge where students work with real brands and real cases and important business themes including:  global brands & innovation, sustainability, global challenges and leadership. This allows students to understand a leading business from the inside, to be developed by the top leaders that build and manage Unilever globally well-known brands and to boost the skills they need to become a future leader.

The competition it’s divided into one national round and one international round, where the winning teams from each country compete on a new challenge for the global award!

This year, the UFLL Italy edition has been about Ben & Jerry's: the legendary ice cream born in the US and spread out worldwide. But Ben & Jerry’s is not only famous for its unique ice cream flavors, it is also a ​values led-business ​that can be a huge catalyst to stand up for justice ​in society and ​truly create change in world.​ The challenge that the CEOs won was to: develop a digital communication plan aimed at attracting the right target for Ben & Jerry's, in the right moments, with the right brand messages and with the right digital tool.

So BE CREATIVE, GO BEYOND THE CLASSIC WAY OF DOING THING, and good luck for the Global Finals!

The challenge focused on the Unilever ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s. Our students had to develop an innovative and disruptive digital marketing strategy to engage a specific target and launch the ice cream on the Italian market, putting into practice all the learning acquired during the EMBS classes.


Among the 10 finalist groups, they exceeded with their presentation, engaging all the Unilever representatives present at the event and winning the challenge.

Panel Discussion


The new Faces of Competitive Intelligence

- Warning: New challenges ahead!

Over the last 30 years the Competitive Intelligence function has been a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes hailed as THE innovative strategy enabler, sometimes positioned as nothing but a necessary evil. Certainly “change” has always been the driving force behind the development of the CI function for businesses.

Still, in hindsight CI and in a broader view later market & business Intelligence never reached the status of an established discipline in most countries.

This panel wants to shed some light on the upcoming evolution that the CI/MI/BI function has to take for maintaining or achieving strategic relevance. Impacting factors to explore are e.g. the ever changing business environment, innovative automation of AI based analytics and the availability of vast data oceans. Notably, the human side of intelligence and strategic foresight remains mainly hidden in the current discussion. 

Panel Discussion: The new Faces of Competitive Intelligence - Warning: New challenges ahead! - International Competitive/Market Intelligence Conference (competitive-intelligence-conference.com)

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