We are offering the following topics for writing theses.

 In general, we are offering the following lectures:

  • Marketing Theory and Consumer Behavior
  • International Direct Marketing
  • Competitive Intelligence in Marketing Management
  • Targeting
  • Marketing Decisions

A description of the respective contents can be found under Lectures.

Mentoring Process


You can apply for one of the suggested topics listed below or propose a topic of your choice related to our research domains. Please hand in the following documents:

  • Proposal of about 5 pages which covers the following issues:
    •  Motivation in terms of significance for science (and practice).
    • The current status of related research in peer-reviewed international journals.
      “Who does not find at least ten sources to a question / hypothesis / task, did not search properly” (Belcher, 2009).
    •  Definition of a relevant research gap.
    •  A proposal for approaching this gap.

  •  Certificate of participation in the library instruction.

  • Transcript of Records.

  • CV.

Please note that we upload extended versions of all accepted proposals (incl. research, hypotheses, schedule, etc.) on our website. Use the former proposals as a specimen.




  • We highly recommend you to participate in the colloquia, to join our Facebook page, exchange ideas with other students to become familiar with our mentoring process.
  • All theses are mentored by one PhD candidate.
  • Appointments with Prof. Wagner are exclusively accepted after consulting the mentor. A maximum of 3 appointments with Prof. Wagner is intended.
  • Proposals which are justified by the job in a company only (e.g., “I do an internship at company XX. Therefore, I would like to write my thesis about the marketing for product X.") will not be accepted.
  • We encourage students to submit their thesis in English.


Formal Aspects

  • All formal aspects (citation, structure and list of literature, etc.) have to follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA style).
  • We recommend the use of LaTeX to avoid problems with regard to the format and the reference list.
    • Our TeX template
    • TeX download, installation and tips: Dante
  • Please refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association if you have questions on the correct citation or on any other cases of doubt with regards to the formal presentation of your thesis.


Submission Date (with the "Prüfungsamt")

  • Two hardback prints.
  • CD with a digital version (MS Word or executable LaTeX) and a PDF document
  • Appendix in the printable version:
    • Questionnaire with code numbers
  • Appendix in the digital version:
    • All scripts used for data analysis (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS)
    • All data sets
    • PDF of references (if available)


  • Please coordinate the date four weeks in advance.
  • Hand in the presentation two days prior to your colloquium.