Negotiation Management



Our research focus on personality and culture related influences on success in negotiations. Our research is part of the negotiation analysis. Core of our investigation is to identify the impact of emotion and intuition on the success in business negotiations with different cultural backgrounds.


Effectiveness in bargaining is crucial for success in business. Managers in various functions take the responsibility to negotiate: The HR manager negotiates salaries, purchasers negotiate with suppliers, and sales people negotiate with customers. Bargaining is a challenge for all managers, and successful negotiations always require careful preparation. The increasing relevance of international business relations add complexity to training, preparation and the negotiations themselves. Due to increasing globalization and the expansion of international trade, it becomes more and more important to take the international aspects of marketing-related negotiations into account .

Negotiating successfully is more than negotiating the pure bargaining process professionally. There is an "80/20-Rule" in bargaining: 80% of the success is due to a systematic preparation and post-processing and 20% of the success depends on the actual bargaining process itself.

Although several books claim to teach everything about negotiation, young professionals are not very familiar with bargaining. If you want to improve your negotiation skills and perform better in your negotiations, focusing only on tactics may be counterproductive if your counterpart also knows how to use and counter these tactics to their advantage. Principle-based negotiation eliminates this dilemma and helps to overcome this obstacle.

Workshops & Traininings


Negotiators tend to believe they have to beat others to get the most from bargaining. But such an attitude leads to avoidable confrontation and inefficient outcomes.

Our workshops will take the participants to the world of getting to yes without impairing their genuine interests. Starting with the Harvard-Negotiation Method, the workshop builds on the principles of effective negotiations. You will learn bargaining strategies and improve your negotiations skills through simulations, role plays and exchange of experiences. An introduction in formal negotiation analysis will include these principles and enable you to identify win-win outcomes. You will learn to create more value, when to accept the deal on the table and when to walk away.

Benefits and skills obtained

This workshop will be of a great value:

  • in preparing negotiations;
  • in evaluating the negotiation outcomes;
  • in expressing your concerns without hurting the relationship;
  • in knowing how to overcome the perceptional barriers and biases.
  • in formal negotiation procedures
  • in gender and culture

Content of the two-day program

Day 1:

  • Introduction to negotiation management
  • Characteristics of negotiations
  • How to define success in negotiations
  • The chicken game
  • The Harvard-Negotiation method
  • Preparing the negotiation
  • Introduction to formal negotiation procedures

Day 2:

  • Single issue negotiations: how to deal with the basic techniques
  • Multiple issue negotiations: how to enlarge the pie; how to manage effectively
  • Win-win strategies: how to conduct an effective process
  • Dealing with major obstacles: how to overcome ineffectiveness
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Dealing with foreigners
  • Closing the deal 

Methods and Participants

Because of our vast experience in teaching students at universities, we believe that the best way to learn effectively is by interaction. Therefore, we combine different teaching methods within the workshop and use simulations, role plays, and exchange of experiences to enable participants to enhance and broaden their negotiation skills.

The program is suitable for MA or MBA students as well as middle managers who want to improve their negotiation capabilities and learn to deal with difficult and complex negotiation tasks. For participating successfully in the program, you will receive a negotiation certificate with a detailed description of the program content. If you wish to sign up for our workshop, please contact kbloch(at)