Faculty | Chairs


  • Bischoff, Ivo, Prof. Dr.
    Public Economics

  • Bonin, Holger, Prof. Dr.
    Labour Economics and Social Policy

  • Bünstorf, Guido, Prof. Dr.
    Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Dannenberg, Astrid, Prof. Dr.
    Environmental and Behavioral Economics

  • Ernst, Andreas, Prof. Dr.
    Environmental Systems Analysis

  • Frank, Björn, Prof. Dr. (Deputy Head of Department)
    Applied Microeconomics

  • Kesternich, Martin, Prof. Dr.
    Environmental and Resource Economics

  • Kosfeld, Reinhold, apl. Prof. Dr.

  • Michaelis, Jochen, Prof. Dr.
    Monetary Economics

  • Niekamp, Michael, Dr.
    Visiting Professorship Normative Economics and Business Ethics

  • Ohly, Sandra, Prof. Dr.
    Business Psychology

  • von Wangenheim, Georg, Prof. Dr.
    Law and Economics

  • Voßkamp, Rainer, apl. Prof. Dr.
    Quantitative Methods and Economics

  • Wetzel, Heike, Prof. Dr.
    Energy Economics
  • Ziegler, Andreas, Prof. Dr. (Head of Department)
    Empirical Economic Research

Lecturer ǀ Visiting Lecturer

  • Toft, Christian, Dr.
    Welfare State Theory and Analysis

Some Alumni and Emeritus Professors



  • Pullen, Markus