Teaching WS 2019-20


Foundations of Experimental Economics

The retake exam will take place Monday, June 8th, 18.00-20.00, CampusCenter Hörsaal 6. If you have not received my email informing you about this, please let me know and I'll put you on the list.

Game Theory: slides; game theory readings part 1, part 2.

Some random game theory exercises, plus the results of the Chamberlin classroom experiment in week 3. New: Solution to the exercises.

History of Experimental Economics: slides - sorry for the very late upload

Dos and Don'ts of Experimental Economics (slightly updated on Nov 28.) Please note: Some of the slides will be difficult to make sense of when you miss the lecture.

Slides for November 18 and 25  (on tools and on other types of experiments)

Readings for week 5 and 6: Part 1,  

Slides for December 2 and 9    

Very preliminary set of slides for December 16th

Sample data set 1 as pdf or as xlsx   

Sample data set 2 as word file or xlsx    

And, by the way, here are the links to the short movie clips used in earlier sessions.

Preliminary set of Slides for January 13th. Sorry that I might have mislead you to believe that this session is cancelled, but that is not the case. Due to very unforeseen events, I just had to change the order of topics.

P.S.: Here is "Exercise 2" that was missing on the slides of January 13:

Download and read this paper: Grimm, Veronika and Friederike Mengel (2011), Let me sleep on it: Delay reduces rejection rates in ultimatum games, Economics Letters 111, 113–115. Try to write a short summary (one paragraph) of this paper as you would in the literature review section of your master thesis, for example. Send it to me via email until January 19th to receive feedback in the next session.

Slides for January 20.  

A few of the slides for the review session on January 27 and - new - more slides from January 27, now including one crucial typo correction.

And this is the exam written on February 3rd. Retake exam: Tuesday, April 14th, 14:00 sharp, Hörsaal 1 / Diagonale.


Topics in Pricing  

Slides part I. This is my paper on the Samuelson-Minasian controversy. Joskow's Handbook chapter on Regulation of Natural Monopoly is available here (via our University's network, otherwise there is the DP version here).

(If you missed the first session, this is the textbook chapter I used for the figures in the section on the cost theoretic foundations).

The paper "A Decentralized Method for Utility Regulation" by Loeb and Magat (1979) that we started to discuss on November 8th is available here, for example.

Three short essays: 1 2 3 (I'll explain why they are well-written in the next session on November 22nd.)

Slides part II.  

List of things to prepare for the exam.

Slides used on December 13th (sample exam questions, Stackelberg solution, bundling)


Slides on price discrimination and bundling.

Slides on popcorn economics - sorry for the delay!