Research: Discussion Papers

From the MAGKS discussion paper series, here you find those discussion papers which are authored or co-authored by economists at the University of Kassel since 2012.





Jakob Palek

The optimal monetary and fiscal policy mix in a financially heterogeneous monetary union


Christoph Bühren and Stefan Krabel

Individual performance after success and failure - a natural experiment


Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler

Offset carbon emissions or pay a price premium for avoiding them? A cross-country analysis of motives for climate protection activities


Ivo Bischoff and Özcan Ihtiyar

Feedback and Emotions in the Trust Game


Claudia Schwirplies

Adaptation vs. climate protection: Responses to climate change and policy preferences of individuals in China, Germany, and the USA


Lorenz Blume, Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt

Correlates and Determinants of Direct Democracy


Christoph Bühren and Marco Pleßner

Rating Agencies - An Experimental Analysis of their Remuneration Model (forthcoming in: German Economic Review)


Joachim Schleich, Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler

Private Provision of Public Goods: Do Individual Climate Protection Efforts Depend on Perceptions of Climate Policy?


Andreas Lange, Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler

On the Interrelation between Carbon Offsetting and other Voluntary Climate Protection Activities: Theory and Empirical Evidencey


Jochen Michaelis and Jakob Palek

Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: Implications of a Country-specific Cost Channel


Reinhold Kosfeld and Mirko Titze

Benchmark Value Added Chains and Regional Clusters in German R&D Intensive Industries


Stephan Müller and Georg von Wangenheim

The Impact of Market Innovations on the Evolution of Norms: The Sustainability Case


Korbinian von Blanckenburg

Führt Google-Shopping zu einer neuen Art von Wettbewerbsproblemen? (published in: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik 63, 2014, 240-256)


Jing Dai, Martin Kesternich, Andreas Löschel and Andreas Ziegler

Do Chinese Individuals Believe in Global Climate Change and why? An Econometric Analysis (published as: Extreme Weather Experiences and Climate Change Beliefs in China: An Econometric Analysis, Ecological Economics 116, 310-321)


Marco de Pinto and Jochen Michaelis

The Labor Market Effects of Trade Unions: Layard meets Melitz (published in International Economics and Economic Policy)


Frédéric Blaeschke

What Drives Small Municipalities to Cooperate? Evidence from Hessian Municipalities


Joachim Schleich, Elisabeth Dütschke, Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler

Citizens’ Perceptions of Justice in International Climate Policy – An Empirical Analysis (forthcoming in: Climate Policy)


Christoph Bühren and Thorben C. Kundt

Imagine Being a Nice Guy: A Note on Hypothetical vs. Incentivized Social Preferences (published in: Judgment and Decision Making 10, 2015)


Sven Rudolph, Takeshi Kawakatsu and Achim Lerch

Regional Market-Based Climate Policy in North America: Efficient, Effective, Fair?


Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler

Are German Tourists Environmental Chameleons? A Micro-econometric Analysis of Adaptation to Climate Change


Christoph Bühren and Thorben Kundt

Worker or Shirker  –  Who Evades more Taxes? A Real Effort Experiment (published as: Does the Level of Work Effort Influence Tax Evasion?, Review of Economics 65, 137-158)


Jochen Michaelis

Und dann werfen wir den Computer an  –  Anmerkungen zur Methodik der DSGE-Modelle (published in: Studien zur Kredit- und Finanzwirtschaft Band 190, Duncker & Humblot Berlin, 67-82)


Ivo Bischoff and Frédéric Blaeschke

Incentives and Influence Activities in the Public Sector: the Trade-off in Performance Budgeting and Conditional Grants


Ivo Bischoff and Thomas Krauskopf

Motives of pro-social behavior in individual versus collective decisions  –  a comparative experimental study


Michael Bräuninger, Jochen Michaelis and Madlen Sode

10 Jahre Hartz-Reformen (published in: Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium 42, 2013, 554-559)


Sven Rudolph

Regionaler Treibhausgas-Emissionshandel in den USA


Vahidin Jeleskovic and Benjamin Schwanebeck

Assessment of a spatial panel model for the efficiency analysis of the heterogonous healthcare systems in the world


Ivo Bischoff and Stefan Krabel

The tax and the mighty: Tax payer concentration lowers local business taxation in German Municipalities


Marco de Pinto

The redistribution of trade gains and the equity-efficiency trade-off


Ulrich Zierahn

The effect of market access on the labor market: Evidence from German reunification


Ulrich Zierahn

Monocentric Cities, Endogenous Agglomeration, and Unemployment Disparities


Björn Frank and Stefan Krabel

Gens una sumus?! – Or Does Political Ideology Affect Experts' Aesthetic Judgment of  Chess Games? (published in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 92, 2013, 66-78)


Ivo Bischoff, Carolin Neuhaus, Peter Trautner and Bernd Weber

The Neuroeconomics of Voting: Neural Evidence of Different Sources of Utility in Voting (forthcoming in: Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics)


Janick Christian Mollet and Andreas Ziegler

Is Socially Responsible Investing Really Beneficial? New Empirical Evidence for the US and European Stock Markets (published in: Review of Financial Economics 23, 208-216)


Sven Rudolph, Takeshi Kawakatsu

Tokyo’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme: A Model for Sustainable Megacity Carbon Markets? (Published in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation XIII)


Andreas Lange and Andreas Ziegler

Offsetting versus Mitigation Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis for the U.S. and Germany


Reinhold Kosfeld and Jorgen Lauridsen

Identifying Clusters within R&D Intensive Industries Using Local Spatial Methods


Ivo Bischoff and Frédéric Blaeschke

Window-Dressing and Lobbying in Performance-Budgeting: a Model for the Public Sector


Christoph Bühren, Björn Frank and Rosemarie Nagel

A Historical Note on the Beauty Contest


Marco de Pinto

Unemployment Benefits as Redistribution Scheme of Trade Gains - A Positive Analysis (published in Marco de Pinto, International Trade and Unemployment, Springer, 2013)


Hans G. Nutzinger

Dogmen- und realhistorische Aspekte des Wohlfahrtsbegriffs


Sven Rudolph

Marktbasierte Klimapolitik in den USA: „Wind of Change“ oder „Blown by the Wind“?


Jochen Michaelis

Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: The Role of the Cost Channel


Benjamin Käfer and Jochen Michaelis

Länderrisiko: Die ökonomischen Konsequenzen einer Herabstufung durch die Rating-Agenturen (published in: Wirtschaftsdienst: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik 92, 2012, 95-100)