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2017 [to top]

  • Pérez-Mendoza, D., Bertinetti, D., Lorenz, R., Gallegos, M., Herberg, F.W., Sanjuán, J.: A novel c-di-GMP binding domain in glycosyltransferase BgsA is responsible for the synthesis of a mixed-linkage β-glucan. Scientific Reports. 7, 8997-- (2017).
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2016 [to top]

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2015 [to top]

  • Hermann, J.S., Skroblin, P., Bertinetti, D., E., H.; L., von der Heide, E.K., Wagener, E., Zenn, H.M., Klussmann, E., Kennedy, E.J., Herberg, F.W.: Neurochondrin is an atypical RIIa-specific A-kinase anchoring protein. BBA Proteins and Proteomics. 1854, 1667 - 75 (2015).
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2014 [to top]

  • Jamsari,, Ferita, I., Syukriani, L., Lalan, H., Herberg, F., Nellen, W.: Existence of Two Distinct Whiteflies in Chilli-Pepper Cultivation in West Sumatra-Indonesia Based on Mitochondria Cytochrome Oxidase I Gene Sequences. Asian Journal of Plant Pathology. 8, 34-44 (2014).
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2013 [to top]

  • Du, X., Barisch, C., Paschke, P., Herrfurth, C., Bertinetti, O., Pawolleck, N., Otto, H., Rühling, H., Feussner, I., Herberg, F.W., Maniak, M.: Dictyostelium lipid droplets host novel proteins. Eukaryotic Cell. 12, 1517-1529 (2013).
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2012 [to top]

  • Duvel, J., Bertinetti, D., Muller, S., Schwede, F., Morr, M., Wissing, J., Radamm, L., Zimmermann, B., Genieser, H.-G., Jansch, L., Herberg, F.W., Haussler, S.: A chemical proteomics approach to identify c-di-GMP binding proteins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 88, 229-36 (2012).
  • Parizek, P., Kummer, L., Rube, P., Prinz, A., Herberg, F.W., Plückthun, A.: Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins (DARPins) as Novel Isoform-specific Intracellular Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal Kinases. ACS Chem Biol. 7(8), 1356-66 (2012).
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2011 [to top]

  • Vetter, M.M., Zenn, H.M., Méndez, E., van den Boom, H., Herberg, F.W., Skalhegg, B.S.: The testis-specific Cα2 subunit of PKA is kinetically indistinguishable from the common Cα1 subunit of PKA. BMC Biochem. 12, 40-40 (2011).
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2010 [to top]

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2009 [to top]

  • Bertinetti, D., Schweinsberg, S., Hanke, S.E., Schwede, F., Bertinetti, O., Drewianka, S., Genieser, H.G., Herberg, F.W.: Chemical tools selectively target components of the PKA system. BMC Chem Biol. 9, 3-3 (2009).
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2008 [to top]

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2007 [to top]

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