Participating groups

AG Ehresmann - Kassel

Prof. Dr. Arno Ehresmann coordinates the LOEWE focus ELCH and rapporteur for the experimental part of the method development in the project area D. Among other things, the effect of chirality on the fluorescence of chiral systems is examined in the group.

Homepage: Thin films & synchrotron

AG Baumert - Kassel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumert (Steering Committee Member and Rapporteur for the project area B) examines, among other things, new analytical methods for chiral materials using ultrashort laser pulses.

Homepage: Femtosecond spectroscopy and ultrafast laser control

AG Berger - Marburg

Prof. Dr. Robert Berger reports for the Project Area D on the development of models for the theoretical description of chiral systems. His group is working among others with quantum chemistry of the test substances.

Homepage: AG-Berger

AG Dörner - Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Dörner's rapporteur for the Project Area A and also conducts research in his group, among other polarized synchrotron radiation in the interaction with gaseous matter with the help of COLTRIMS technology.


WG Koch - Kassel

Prof. Dr. Christiane Koch is a member of ELCH's executive board. Her group investigates the quantum dynamics and control of molecular processes, including optimal control of chiral signatures in femtosecond multiphoton ionization.

Homepage: Quantumdynamics and -control

AG Müller/Schippers - Gießen

Prof. Dr. Alfred Müller and Prof. Dr. Stefan Schippers (rapporteur for the Project Area C) investigate in their work group, among other collisions of particle beams and their interaction with polarized synchrotron radiation.

Homepage: Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics

AG Stöhlker - Darmstadt

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöhlker research at GSI, inter alia, on the production of polarized electron beams and their interaction with chiral systems. In his group a portable source of spin-polarized electrons is established.

Homepage: AG-Stöhlker