Group Seminar

Recent progress in Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy - FB1018.4090

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 14:00 in room 0181.
Note that preliminary dates below might be updated in due time.
Everyone interested is welcome to join.

Winter Semester 2019/20

Date   Speaker   Title
29.10.2019   Nikolay Novikovskiy   Rearrangement of electron shells in Ne and Ne-like molecules
05.11.2019   Eric Kutscher   Electron dynamics in atoms and molecules driven by laser pulses: What I plan to do during my PhD
26.11.2019   Abir Mhamdi   Molecular-frame angular distributions of ICD electrons in helium dimers
10.12.2019   Anton Artemyev   Post-collision interaction in sequential double ionization of helium
14.01.2020   Philipp Demekhin   Recoil-induced asymmetry of nondipole molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions in the hard X-ray regime
04.02.2020   Nick Vogeley   Semi-classical aspects of the photoelectron circular dichroism