Atoms and Molecules in Strong FEL Pulses

Theoretical methods for treating atoms and molecules in electromagnetic fields of strong intensities are developed. The developed approach is applied to study resonant Auger decay of core-excited atoms and molecules by Raman regime (narrow band) femtosecond pulses of strong intensity. Thereby, we study interplay between different competing processes characterized by internal timescales: (i) duration of the pulse (excitation bandwidth), (ii) decay lifetime (decay width), (iii) timescale for the accompanying nuclear dynamics (in molecules); (iv) Rabi-oscillations between initial and resonant states caused by the presence of strong field. Trends in the modification of resonant Auger spectra with the increase of the field intensity are analyzed. Application to the XFEL which is currently under construction are provided.

Cooperations: Prof. Dr. L.S. Cederbaum (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Status: in progress