Isoelectronic Sequences of Ions

Autoionization of Rydberg states in the isoelectronic sequences Ar-K+-Ca2+ and Kr-Rb+-Sr2+-Y3+is studied both theoretically and experimentally by means of the dual laser plasma (DLP) technique. Its is shown theoretically that interplay between np- and ns- photoionization amplitudes changes drastically along the isoelectronic sequences. This leads to displacement of the Cooper minima in ns- photoionization cross section from the ns1ep continuum region for Ar and Kr to the region of ns1mp discrete states for Ca2+ and Y3+ ions. As a result, the Fano-profiles for the ns1mp autoionization resonances observed in the np5el continua change their type from window to asymmetric profile, and further to peak-form along both isoelectronic sequences of Ar and Kr. Performed analysis allowed to understand trends in the collective behavior of many-electron system as the ionic charge increases.

Cooperations: Prof. Dr. J.T. Costello and Prof. Dr. G. O'Sullivan (Dublin City University and University College Dublin, Ireland), Prof. Dr. V.L. Sukhorukov, Prof. Dr. I.D. Petrov and Prof. Dr. B.M. Lagutin (Rostov State University of Transport Communications, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Status: completed