Polarization Analysis of Atomic Fluorescence

The photoionization cross sections, angular distribution of photoelectrons, alignment and orientation parameters of np4mp ionic states of Kr and Xe populated via Auger decay of resonantly excited (n-1)d9np4mp states are computed. In the calculations, the interferences between different resonant photoionization amplitudes and weak direct transition amplitude are taken into account for the first time (so far the only 'two-step' model was applied in the theory). It is predicted, that the above interference effects lead to considerable exciting-photon energy dependencies of the computed angular distribution parameter for photoelectron and alignment/orientation parameters of residual ion across the resonances. The interference effects have a long range character and are important even for well separated resonances. The theoretical predictions are verified experimentally by polarization analysis of the subsequent np4mp - np4m(s/d) fluorescence performed in the Raman regime for excitation by means of the photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (PIFS).

Cooperations: Prof. Dr. A. Ehresmann (University of Kassel, Germany),
Prof. Dr. H. Schmoranzer (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany),
Prof. Dr. K.-H. Schartner (University of Giessen, Germany),
Prof. Dr. V.L. Sukhorukov, Prof. Dr. I.D. Petrov and Prof. Dr. B.M. Lagutin
(Rostov State University of Transport Communications, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Status: completed