Theory of Atomic Photoabsorption

The ab-initio theoretical approach for computation of precise energies and wave functions of many-electron atoms is developed and programmed. The relativistic effects in heavy atoms are taken into account within the Pauli-Fock approximation. Many electron correlations are treated by means of the combination of configuration interaction method and many-body perturbation theory. In the calculations of electron transition amplitudes the interchannel interactions are taken into account by means of the K-matrix method and theory of interacting overlapping resonances based on the solution of complex eigenproblem. The developed approach is applied to systematical theoretical study of electronic structure of excited atoms and ions and to detailed investigations of interaction of many-electron systems with exciting photons.

Cooperations: Prof. Dr. V.L. Sukhorukov, Prof. Dr. I.D. Petrov, Prof. Dr. B.M. Lagutin Prof. Dr., V.F. Demekhin and Prof. Dr. A.G. Kochur (Rostov State University of Transport Communications, Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Prof. Dr. A. Ehresmann (University of Kassel, Germany), Prof. Dr. H. Schmoranzer (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Status: completed