Two-Photons Coincident Experiments

Theoretical description of the dissociative γ-2γ' process in fixed-in-space and randomly oriented diatomic molecules is developed basing on the dipole approximation for the excitation and 2γ' production. The double differential cross section and two-photon angular correlation function of the process is derived and analyzed for different molecular orientations, variable polarization of the incoming radiation, and various polarization sensitivities of the photon counters. It is applied at first to the study of the angular correlation function of the two Lyman-α photons produced via decay of the doubly-excited Q2 2Πu(1) state of the H2 molecule. Theoretical predictions are under verification by the coincident photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (PIFS) experiments.

Cooperations: Prof. Dr. A. Ehresmann (University of Kassel, Germany) and
Dr. K. Jankala (University of Oulu, Finland)
Status: in progress