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Electron-impact induced fluorescence for EUV spectrometer–detector calibration

From the work: Schematic of the experimental set-up (a). In the inset (b) the potential landscape for the well-defined cross-over region of the electron beam is displayed.

EUV-Spectra of electron-impact induced fluorescence from rare gases were recorded for an impact energy of 3.5 keV intending their application in the first step for spectrometer wavelength scale calibrations. The spectra are in the investigated range of 165–314 nm in good agreement with previously measured and calculated spectra. Nearly all observed lines could be identified including 196 new lines. 183 lines mainly for krypton and xenon could not be identified. The spectra are presented and discussed. A compendium of 1670 lines and their identification is added as supplementary tables. The spectra show a number of strong lines which are well suited for spectrometer wavelength scale calibrations and once their intensity relation is deduced can be used for a sensitivity determination of a spectrometer–detector combination as described in the introductory and experimental sections of the paper.

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