M. Sc. Tom Ring

▶ Massenaufgelöste Bestimmung des Zirkulardichroismus
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Current research Topic in Team Chirality:

Mass selective characterization of chiral molecules

Circular multiphoton ionization of a chiral molecule

The absorption of circularly polarized light varies in strength switching the chirality of a molecule (circular dichroism). The resulting difference in ionization yield after multi photon absorption provokes a change in intensity of time-of-flight mass spectra. Hence, this approach represents a mass selective characterization method of chiral molecules. 

For that purpose, the difference of the signal resulting from ionization with left circularly polarized light and that from ionization with right circularly polarized light is divided by the total signal. This so-called anisotropy is wavelength- and intensity-dependent but characteristic for the chirality of a molecule.

Furthermore, this fast method provides direct access to continuous analysis of chirality during a running measurement. Considering the great bandwidth of femtosecond lasers this online ability promises the optimization of chiroptical effects applying pulse-shaping methods.