Laser material processing and plasma spectroscopy

A glass sample under a microscope lens
A laser is focused on a glass sample with a microscope objective

Our field of research is the development of new techniques for micro and nano materials processing, plasma spectroscopy with high spatial and temporal resolution, and nonlinear microscopy.

The background is that ultrashort laser pulses have evolved into a unique tool for laser processing. In particular, for wide bandgap materials. The applications range from micro - and nano machining of extremely hard materials to the nano cell surgery.. 

Chart that divides different processes in areas of time, ranging from femtoseconds to microseconds.
The machining processes span several orders of magnitude

The application-oriented aim of this research area is to modulate the temporal energy power density distribution of femtosecond laser pulses on the time scale of the primary processes (electron excitation, electron-phonon coupling, transient phase transitions) to achieve high process efficiency for micro and nano structuring, as well as plasma-based analysis with chemical sensitivity and high spatial resolution. Physical objective is to gain insight into the complex dynamic processes in these incoherent systems based on the temporal structure of optimized laser pulses.

The following employees are currently involved in this topic. To their specific projects see the link "further information":
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Dipl.-Phys. Bastian Zielinski
▶ Laser-induced periodic surface structures and cell surgery
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Picture of M. Sc. Physik Elena Ramela  Ciobotea
M. Sc. Physik Elena Ramela Ciobotea
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Picture of Dipl.-Phys. Cristian  Sarpe
Dipl.-Phys. Cristian Sarpe
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