Interdisciplinary cooperation is the notable hallmark of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The Faculty's Institutes of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of interdisciplinary research topics and themes. Central fields of research lie in the areas of 3D - Nanostructuring, Photonics, Molecular Biological Sciences and empirical educational research in the STEM-subjects.

In addition to traditional and fundamental research, the technological applications in the research profile of the faculty have won increasing significance over the last several years. In addition to its intensive co-operation with the engineering sciences of the University of Kassel, the faculty is actively involved in many research projects and is linked to contacts in the global network of the international scientific research community. Such examples are Nanonetwork Hessen (Nanonetzwerk Hessen), the Quality Network of Biodiversity (Qualitätsnetz Biodiversität) and co-operation in the Collaborative Research Centre TR30 (Sonderforschungsbereich TR30). The empirical educational research is regionally-grounded and works particularly close with schools in North Hessen. 

Specific and detailed descriptions of research areas and current projects can be seen on the websites of individual subject fields, respectively, as well as the working groups of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: