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Portrait von Bernwart Geier

When it comes to organic agriculture is Witzenhausen the "Harvard" of the agricultural universities. As Director of the organic world umbrella organisation I came in the last two decades a lot around in the world and met people doing meaningful work, who got (like me) their sound education in Witzenhausen.

Bernwart Geier, International consultant, former Director of IFOAM, Germany

Portrait of Priska Dittrich

In my opinion organic agriculture is the most interesting and fascinating science a person can choose to study because it unites so many different facets of life into one holistic system. In Witzenhausen the spirit of the pioneers is combined with new research which results in the development of a level of understanding of organics amongst students that can be applied in the agricultural practices of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This forms a charming atmosphere where learning is a pleasure.

Priska Dittrich, Deputy Head of Department of Agriculture, bio.inspecta AG Frick, Switzerland

Portrait of Dr. Eike Luedeling

Degradation of agricultural resources around the world poses formidable challenges for agricultural research and development. Witzenhausen’s joint study focus on organic and international agriculture offers its students a solid foundation for careers in this field. The low student/faculty ratio facilitates learning of basic scientific skills, and numerous high-quality research projects regularly take students to interesting places they never even knew existed...

Dr. Eike Luedeling, University of California Davis, USA

Portrait of James Thompson

The learning community at Witzenhausen provides a respectful, supportive and inspiring environment for students from all corners of the globe to pursue their passion for organic agriculture in its broadest or most specialised context. The diverse range of course work, research and international industry experiences, together with the interdisciplinary approach to learning promoted by the faculty, facilitate the development of a high level of professional capability. My experience at Witzenhausen fulfilled my highest expectations and proved to be an excellent step in my career development.

MSc James Thompson, General Manager, The Mountain Eco-retreat, Berry, Australia

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