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Portrait von Dr. Urs Niggli

Agricultural sciences are characterized as a system oriented and interdisciplinary approach to better understand and manage farms, landscapes and food chains. Courses and programmes in Witzenhausen provide best skills for young scientists and advisors so that theory becomes practice.

Dr. Urs Niggli, Director of International Research Centre for Organic Agriculture, FIBL Switzerland

Portrait von Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish

Organic agriculture is one of the most important measures to re-establish balance in nature. The great threat is that we do not have enough trained organic agronomist in the world. I am very glad that the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel took the lead to provide excellent training.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, Sekem-Farm, Egypt

Portrait von Dr. Alexander Müller

Progress in agricultural development requires thorough knowledge and excellent cooperation, two goals shared and collaborated on by the University of Kasssel-Witzenhausen and the FAO. To me the excellence and breadth to which Witzenhausen has integrated science and education in organic agriculture shows, that agricultural science can be locally relevant, globally significant as well as environmentally and socially responsible at the same time.

Dr. Alexander Müller, Vice Director of the FAO, Rome

Portrait von Volkert Engelsman

The organic market is expanding worldwide and needs professionals for its further development. The University of Kassel-Witzenhausen provides both: profound knowledge on organic agriculture and on management and marketing.

Volkert Engelsman, International marketing of organic products, EOSTA Netherlands

Portrait von Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann

In my opinion is Witzenhausen the first address in the world to study Organic Farming: excellent science based research and education, efficient and modern infrastructure, a lovely city and landscape and last but not least nice people from all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann, International research on organic agriculture, FAL Germany

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