Active network
The University Association Witzenhausen connects its members to university lecturers, university institutions and facilities as well as to the students. Its members meet regularly in Witzenhausen , at least once a year. Old friendships are renewed and new ones are made. At the same time its members support each other.

Further professional education
The University Association Witzenhausen organises or promotes expert conferences in Witzenhausen. It is co-editor of the multi-lingual journal “Der Tropenlandwirt/Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics (JARTS)”

Current information
The University Association Witzenhausen informs its members about activities of other members, current developments in the university sector and conferences in its regularly published members’ magazine, in its mailing list and on the Internet.

Promotion of teaching
The University Association Witzenhausen promotes initiatives and projects to improve teaching at the University in Witzenhausen. Special prizes are given for excellent university degrees and theses. For further information about promotions please follow