PhD procedure

Procedure of admission for the doctoral study, of adoption of doctoral candidates and of admission for graduation (Dr.agr.)

according to the General Regulations for Graduations at the University of Kassel (AB-PromO) and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

  1. Preparation of dissertation (max. 5 years)
  2. Application to open the main proceeding and submission of the dissertation to the PhD board
  3. Assessment of the dissertation by at least 2 assessors
  4. The dissertation and the assessment will be on display at the PhD head office in Kassel and the dean's office at the faculty, Steinstr. The display period is for 14 calendar days
  5. Acceptance/Rejection of the dissertation by the PhD board
  6. Defence with the members of the PhD commission
  7. Granting the print release by the assessors and the dean's office
  8. Publication of the dissertation
  9. Completion of PhD graduation by handing out the PhD certificate