System for the low temperature drying using LIQUID DESSICCANT AIR-CONDITIONING

operation scheme of a desiccant, solar-powered drying plant on a agricultural farm
round bale hay drying

Based on experimental and theoretical work, a system for the low temperature drying of agricultural products using liquid desiccant air-conditioning will be tested and improved both in pilot and demonstration facilities. The gentle drying complements the ecological aspects through the preservation of crops nutrients. The pilot and demonstration facilities will be implemented with the measurement instrumentation and tested by the Institutes for solar engineering and agricultural engineering. The objective is the demonstration of a economical drying technology which ensures farmers their dried product yield and the marketing of high quality products. The dissemination of the technology will take place through seminars and guided tours to the demonstration facility in the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen. The production and distribution of the system will be done by the company FSAVE Solartechnik after a successful test phase, with the support of the involved institutes, the local farmer association, farm cooperatives, and the competence center Dezentrale Energietechnologien.
During insufficient insolation the drying process will be carried out with air recirculation. The moist air exiting the product will be dehumidified and heated up, and then returned to the product. When solar radiation is sufficient, the sorption storage will be recharged ad the drying air will be heated up directly.

responsible : Franz Roman