2011- Compost conditioning by the use of low temperature compaction

Fore some time compost is due to the nutrient content and attractive costs a valuable substrate in agriculture. In addition, the application to preserve potato and grain legume crops is interesting because of the proven suppressive effects. Fundamental problems by applying bulk compost are the special material properties and the problems with a precise application. The following article analyses the shape of compacted compost as a basis for a precise in-row ap-plication. The objective of this investigation is the creation of defined material properties while retaining the suppres-sive effects. The results show that it is possible to produce compost pellets in a mesophilic region which can be applied with commercial equipment while maintaining suppres-sive properties. In addition, the shape of the pellets can be adapted to the shape of seeds to produce homogeneous mixtures. The interaction of the mechanical strength and the solubility of the pellets in the soil still have potential for additional improvements. 


Mesophiles Kompaktieren von Komposten zur Verbesserung der Ausbringbarkeit Bohne, Björn; Hensel, Oliver Landtechnik 69(1), 2014, pp. 19-24, 5 figures, 2 tables, 17 references


responsible : Björn Bohne