2012 - High protein content VEGETABLE FEED

As a by-product of rape seed oil extraction, large quantities of rapeseed cake and rapeseed meal are left. Rapeseed protein has a high biological value, but unwanted accompanying substances, particularly glucosinolates, oligosaccharides (carbohydrates soluble in ethanol),  prevent  the use as animal feed. Fermentig this rapeseed cake or meal, could substitute imported soya products.

Especially in organic livestock there is a demand for high protein and domestically produced animal feed.  Here the fermentation of both rapeseed cake (RKK with about 8% residual oil) and of rapeseed meal (RES without any residual oil) is a successful measure to produce such a feed inlarge production scale.

responsible : Prof. Dr. Oliver Hensel

in cooperation with FH Fulda